Qualcomm's In-House Studio Developing Exclusive Snapdragon Games

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile tech company Qualcomm, which makes the brains that power a huge proportion of the world's Android phone population, has said it's building up an in-house game development team.

The initial plan is to release one prestige title per year designed to fully show off the power of the company's most up-to-date processors, such as the very exciting Snapdragon S4 range it has lined up to go inside 2012's mobile powerhouses.

Rival hardware maker Nvidia does something a little similar with its Tegra Zone app that highlights games designed to take advantage of its platform, but Qualcomm's taking it a step further in actually developing the titles itself.

The company's only previous mobile creation is mini game Desert Winds (pictured above), a tech demo of a lady fighting some monsters, designed to illustrate the power of last year's "console quality" mobile processors. [Android and Me]