Ravers Will Love This Psychedelic Music Machine

By Mario Aguilar on at

The 251 candy-colored lights on this MIDI controller are your trippy spiritual guide to the music you're making. Watch the crazy LED test above or this fresh hands-on from the Verge. You gotta experience it, man.

The QuNeo 3D's lights provide feedback depending on what you do with it. To use the controller, you'll need to connect it to music production software on your computer—Ableton Live is favored but not required. From there, you can set off on an aural magical mystery tour. The 27 touch pads on the QuNeo 3D are pressure, velocity, and location sensitive. When you twist the rotary sensors, slam down on the trigger pads, or the flip the switches, corresponding lights respond to the input and set off a dazzling, super-accurate light show to match the tune.

Open-source instrument maker Keith McMillen created the controller and threw it up on Kickstarter in the Fall hoping for $15,000 to start production. When donations closed on January 9th, he'd raised $165,000 dollars. So yes, this is totally coming to market. Now McMillen is scrambling to assemble all the units he's promised by the March delivery date. [Kickstarter via the Verge]