Retro Case Mod Elevates Lowly Desktop to Full-Blown Masterpiece

By Pete Bennett on at

Serial case modder Jeffrey Stephenson has done it again, producing this stunning Art-Deco case mod. The classily-named Aerodyne marries retro with modern by encasing a fanless mini-ITX board in wood and accenting it with slick aluminium details.

The West Indian Mahogany-clad beauty boasts innards just as gorgeous as the exterior. Tucked inside the skinny frame is an Intel Core i3-2105 CPU, Intel HD3000 Graphics, Crucial 256GB M4 SSD and 8GB Crucial DDR3 system memory -- all powering Microsoft’s latest and greatest.

For those of us not blessed with Jesus-like carpentry skills, the talented Mr Stephenson is considering opening up the gates to his factory Wonka-stylé, and producing a limited run of the Aerodyne for those with just as much money as taste.

Those less fortunate can consol themselves by looking through Mr Stephenson’s impressively detailed project worklog here whilst giving your dull beige tower the evil eye. [Jeffrey Stephenson]