RIM's Plan to Keep You From Jumping Ship: Cash For Your Old BlackBerry

By Sam Gibbs on at

RIM’s desperately looking to keep BlackBerry users from switching to the wiles of Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It’s attempting to keep users locked to their BlackBerrys with a trade-in scheme that’ll give you up to £106 for your old BlackBerry.

Unfortunately it’s not just free cash; you actually have to buy another BlackBerry to qualify. Depending on the model and condition of your old phone, you might get a decent chunk of change over at BlackBerry Trade Up.

Of course, you’ll probably get a fair bit more for your old phone if you flog it on eBay or hock it on GumTree. But for the ease and convenience of just posting it off to RIM, if you’re upgrading anyway it’s worth a shot I guess. Would it keep you from switching though? Probably not. [RIM via Recombu]