Riot Hit Pembury Estate Brightened up by 2,000 Solar Panels

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fancy moving to the hottest new eco-development in London? Thanks to the government's dwindling solar power feed-in budget, residents of the battle-scarred Pembury Estate are now luxuriating in cheap, renewable energy.

Electricity company EDF energy installed 1,874 solar PV panels on the site engulfed by last summer's rioting, which are rated at 400kWp (peak possible output) at a cost of around £1m. The end result will be a reduction in energy costs to the residents of around £150 per year, which should help alleviate fuel poverty some of the inhabitants experience.

The money came via the Peabody Trust, one of London's oldest and most famous housing associations, which is putting a whopping £23 million into sprucing up the energy systems of its vast portfolio. It says this move will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 170 tonnes per year.

Peabody isn't happy about the government's controversial plan to cut the feed-in tariff rate for solar developments, though, with the trust's Chief Executive, Steve Howlett saying: "My big concern is that this move means solar panels will become the preserve of the rich, rather than a way to tackle fuel poverty and reduce living costs for those in our society who are most vulnerable." [Solar Power Portal]

Image credit: Peabody