Rolling Ice Ball Makes Your Whiskey Slightly More Flavourful

By Kyle Wagner on at

I drink my whiskey on the rocks. But don't call me a little girl for that. At least I can make my cold/ruined whiskey a little more aromatic with this big rolling ball of ice in a glass.

Cold whiskey subverts the taste, and ice can further muddle it by melting and watering down your drink. Whisky stones have been around for a while to take care of that, but the shape of the Rolling Rock Glass and the way the ice ball rolls around apparently cools your drink faster. The ball's movement also unlocks the drink's armoas. Plus the ice doesn't melt as fast (think the large blocks of ice some bars serve with whiskey). Hmm. Sounds promising. You know, if you want to be a horrible person and drink cold whiskey.

Logical point of escalation: round whiskey stones. [HomeWetBar via Cool Materials]