Rumour: Google Going Budget With Nexus Tablet to Avoid iPad Fight

By Sam Gibbs on at

A rumour flying out of Taiwan places Google’s own-brand Nexus tablet as a Kindle Fire competitor, not an iPad challenger. Google’s apparently aiming to launch a 7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet that’ll be priced under £150, following up on Schmidt's previous slip.

Now you’ll have to take this with a massive, highly sceptical pinch of salt as Digitimes has a hit and miss track record with this kind of thing, but if you think about it, it might make sense. Unlike the Android phone market, there aren’t a lot of strong Android tablet competitors. If Google was to bust out an all singing, all dancing Nexus tablet it’d pretty much kill all the Android tablet competition currently out there.

Of course Google’s Nexus line has always been up with the best technology available at the time; it would totally buck that trend, so this could be utter rubbish. But it’s interesting to entertain the idea that Google’s going the Amazon route and avoiding a direct tussle with Apple. Let’s hope Schmidt wasn’t talking total baloney at any rate. [Digitimes via Business Insider, The Register]