Russian Koobface Gang Named and Shamed For Facebook Hacking

By Sam Gibbs on at

Facebook’s had enough of worms targeting its users; both it and Sophos have taken the fight to the hackers with a WikiLeaks-style naming and shaming. A four-strong Russian hacking gang were behind the botnet, which has taken control of over 800,000 machines and terrorised millions.

Currently the four Russians haven’t been charged or arrested for hacking, but hopefully this release should hurry things along a bit. Sophos tracked the gang by following the money. They’ve made in the region of £1.3 million since the worm hit Facebook in 2008, and the miscreants got daily SMS updates on their income to boot. Those text messages left a proverbial paper trail and lead the investigators to the phone numbers and thus the identities of the hacking gang.

According to the Sophos security researcher, Graham Cluley, the gang wasn’t exactly hiding low either:

"They are all over the internet. We were able to track them on the likes of Foursquare so we could actually track some of them hour by hour."

"It's pretty well known who they are now, we just need the Russian police to go and investigate this and stop them."

Come on Russia, let’s put a stop to this eh? No one likes clicking on a video link of themselves supposedly doing something stupid, only to find their computer hacked; account compromised, and their Facebook status updates filled with “I love cock” -- unless of course, that’s your idea of a frapping good time. [Sophos via BBC]