Sega's Back In the Console Business, But It's Not What You Think

By Sam Gibbs on at

Having ditched making hardware after the amazing but ill-fated Dreamcast, it looks like Sega’s dipping its toe, or something else, back into console game – but this time you’ll only find them in men’s bathrooms.

Its new console called “Toylets” is a game you install in men's urinals in bars. They’re apparently a big hit with Japanese blokes and use a pressure sensor, mounted in the urinal itself, which you literally pee on to play the game.

The sensor acts like a smart, one-button controller for a screen mounted above the urinal. The harder you piss, the harder you push the button, with the pressure sensor measuring flow-rate and accuracy.

Players can choose from five different games, including one where you have to try and blow up a girl’s skirt – oh, those crazy Japanese. Each unit will set the proprietor of the bar back around £1,300, but it'll serve ads as well as games so will probably pay for itself over time.

Sounds truly bizarre to me. It gives you something to aim at, but I certainly wouldn’t spend long enough in the bog to play anything meaningful. I’m guessing they’re all really short "casual" games, otherwise you’re unlikely to finish it before you run dry. You could have a saved game option I guess, but there’s no way in hell you’d get me to touch that screen to hit the save button. [YouTube, The Telegraph]