Show the World You're Good With Blocks: Set Up Your Own Giz UK Minecraft Server

By Sam Gibbs on at

There aren’t many games that have managed to both survive and thrive based purely on community created content, but Minecraft is a shining of example indie development and how to do it right.

There are Minecraft servers full of wild and wonderful lands, recreations of classic games and even homages to blockbuster films. But what if you want to set up your own server to share your block-based creativity with the world?

It’s not actually that hard, at least on a Windows box and it’s free. The most important thing you need is the latest version of Java, oh and the internet of course. Download the server file, put it in a suitable directory (probably best to put it in its own folder) and fire it up.

You can tweak the server settings if you need more RAM or something like that through a little text editing. It helps if you’ve got a static IP too, so that players can actually find and connect to your server, but if you’ve got that far you probably already know that. Thankfully there’s a pretty good walk through on the Minecraft wiki, so if you’re serious about it, check that out.

Now, who’s up for a little Giz UK Minecraft experience then? Talent is probably required (so don't look at me), but I’m sure there’s someone in our midst that has the skills to create something cool for us to all wonder around. Props if anyone comes up with one.