Sky Offering 40Mb Unlimited Fibre Broadband From April

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as that interesting PAYG streaming TV service it'll have ready during 2012, Sky has also announced plans to add a high-speed fibre product to its broadband options.

For £20 a month, customers will be able to choose a 40Mb fibre connection when it launches in April, as long as they're living near a capable telephone exchange. Sky says this will be a "totally unlimited product that has no usage caps" which should ensure a bit of an unruly scramble to register.

Sky says the 40Mb option should be available to around 30 per cent of UK homes. Anywhere that BT's already hooked up to fibre, basically.

And for when you're not in range of your router, Sky's about to launch a public Wi-Fi venture powered by The Cloud's existing infrastructure, which will allows Sky Broadband users to connect to any of its 10,000 hotspots around the UK, for free. [Sky]

Image credit: Broadband from Shutterstock.