Smell Like Sunday Morning Every Day With This Kebab-Scented Perfume

By Gary Cutlack on at

The cast of nightmarish TV show Geordie Shore were tasked with coming up with a type of perfume. They decided the delightful smell of the doner kebab would be the sort of thing ladies would like to stick behind their ears.

The perfume, called L’eau de Geordie, was first mentioned in a spoof advert for the show. Allegedly, this caused such excitement among the programme's mentally unwell viewers that the The Perfume Studio and MTV UK decided it would be commercially viable to knock up a batch and try to sell it to people. For Valentine's Day.

Robin Taylor from The Perfume Shop said of this amazing creation: "Although the finished product is reminiscent of a doner kebab, surprisingly the smell is delicate and fresh." [Holy Moly]

Image credit: MTV UK