Snoticles for iPhone and iPad: A Large Hankie Infused With Peggle and Angry Birds Type Awesomeness

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Another silly confection from Adult Swim, producer of titles like Robot Unicorn Attack and Major Mayhem. This time you take command of a team of slimy anthropomorphic bogies, your job to defeat an evil armada of sentient mould. There's gross-out humour in abundance, but also a stylish blend of play-styles "borrowed" from Peggle and Angry Birds.

How does it play?

Each stage is festooned with black blots, arranged in formations and patterns and exuding menace. With a limited number of missiles, you must remove all of them from the landscape, taking into account things like gravity and speed when launching your projectiles. The controls are simple, just point your snoticle in the direction you want to fire, and extend or shorten the arrow according to the force required.

Stages can be cleared the laborious way, by removing all the blots, or you can take a short-cut by eliminating their leaders, who are signified with a military hat. The task is complicated by the presence of structures thrown up by the blots, and even individual shields they've put up to protect themselves.

The four bogies have their own individual skills and abilities. The big blue one can chuck explosive grenades, for example, whilst the orange chap can throw fireballs that are unaffected by gravity. They can also work co-operatively, so if one snoticle has run out of ammo but their skill is in demand, have another snoticle chuck him a projectile to top him up.

Why do we like it?

The Adult Swim brand is quickly becoming a decent barometer of quality in the mobile gaming space. Which is surprising, given that their core specialism is satirical animated cartoons for US television. This isn't a cross-media cash-in from a TV channel looking to broaden awareness, but instead a fully-fledged game with proper production values.

Snoticles is free on the App Store for a limited time, so grab it while you can. Players will find that it's an excellent variation on the aforementioned Peggle and Angry Birds, and perhaps provides some indication of where those respective series can go in the future. Also, a great tonic for when you feel a cold coming on. Just fight phlegm with phelgm.


Snoticles is available now on the App Store (free)