Something a Little Bit More Ice Cream-Tasty For Your Streak 7

By Sam Gibbs on at

Still wielding a Gingerbread-saddled Dell Streak 7? Good news -- there’s an unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich build on its way for you, and you can test it out right now.

The experimental ICS release has been put out by the Tablet Roms guys, and rolls in some of the CyanogenMod 9 goodies for the Streak 7. Unfortunately the 3G radio, GPS and camera don’t work right now, but it’s, you know, a work in progress. You’ll still be able to browse over Wi-Fi if you’re desperate to get your ICS-on though.

If you’re a Streak user and have been jealously eying up the new hotness that is Android 4.0 -- jump on over to the Tablet Roms forums to grab the beta ROM right now, or keep an eye on it for a full release in the near future. [Tablet Roms via Engadget]