Sony Adds Three New CyberShot Cameras to Its Shelves

By Kat Hannaford on at

I'm actually pretty incredulous at just how good Sony's got with producing cameras -- anyone who remembers the shite they were churning out years back will agree with me here. Of their latest three, the DSC-TX200V is top of the pile with its 18.2-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor, and 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen.

It'll be ruddy expensive though -- over in the US, it's available for pre-order at $500, which is £317 at a straight conversion. Expect that price to be hugely increased for us Brits when it becomes available late March.

If you're none too fussed about an OLED screen, the WX70 has a 3-inch LCD touchscreen, which is the only difference between that and the WX50; a camera with virtually identical specs. Both have 16.2-megapixel sensors, with the WX50 coupling it with a 2.7-inch non-touchscreen. A 5x optical zoom; ISO up to 12800; an improved Optical SteadyShot Active Mode for steadier videos, and 3D Sweep Panorama and 3D Still Image for hooking up to a 3DTV round off both models.

The WX70 will cost $230 (around £145), and the WX50 $200 (£125), when they hit shelves -- we'll update you on UK pricing when we get it. [Sony]