Sony Xperia, Now With More GLONASS

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news existing and future Xperia owners – if your phone is packing a Snapdragon S2 or S3 chip (including the Xperia S and Ion) you’re going to get a location boost from GLONASS. All you have to do is be running the latest software on your phone.

The Russian GLONASS system adds another 27 satellites in orbit that your phone can hook onto, more than doubling your chances of getting a fix with just the 24 GPS satellites.

Currently both the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Note come packing GLONASS support in the UK, but considering Qualcomm is pushing hard with its Snapdragon support of the satellite system we could see many more getting a quicker fix.

I’m all for having more location satellites available to us here on the ground -- the better the location fix the less likely I’m going to look like an utter fool for my total lack of a sense of direction. Smartphone-powered maps, GPS and compass are my saviours. [Sony Ericsson via Electronista]