Sony Xperia U / Kumquat / ST25i Spotted

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another Sony-branded model of Android phone has appeared in a leaked photo, with this one featuring the same design as the alluring Xperia S -- but scaling down the size and technical prowess a little.

The phone, which we hope to god arrives called the Xperia U instead of under its current development codename of Kumquat, certainly appears to be smaller than the recently revealed Xperia S, with Xperia Blog claiming it features a 3.5" display running at 480x854 resolution, powered by an unnamed variety of 1GHz processor with a 5megapixel camera around the back. It's the cheaper, £18-a-month option, to be blunt about it.

This perfectly ties in with Sony's plan to roll out the same "Iconic Identity" style of design to a whole range of new Android phones during 2012. So let's hope people actually like the way this looks. [Xperia Blog]