Star Wars Lowers Itself to Selling Mobile Phone Contracts

By Gary Cutlack on at

The shameful ruination of the Star Wars brand continues. Following on from Darth Vader whoring himself out to sell washing machines for Currys, we'll shortly see Yoda appearing on TV to sell mobile telephones. It's as if they all need the money.

The first of the latest Star Wars-themed adverts is promoting Vodafone's Red Box service, which is a mundane method of backing up content from your old phone to your new phone. The reason Yoda's involved is because Vodafone believes some users find the process of copying numbers across something of a difficult mental process.

The star of the ad, tech wise, is a Windows Phone model, while the series of ads have apparent;y been produced by Lucasfilm's own Industrial Light and Magic effects team. Other ads in the series will see Yoda using his mighty intellect to explain how the network's Data Test Drive promotion works and the benefits of its in-house tech advisors. [YouTube via Recombu]