Swedish File-Sharing Group Recognised as a Religion

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bonkers Swedes have taken their battle for freedom and liberty to a whole new level, granting the Church of Kopimism, which embraces the freedom to copy and share everything, official status as a religion. With all the immunities and rights against persecution that brings.

The church's religious activities are called "kopyactings" in which kopimists gather together to ceremoniously copy and share data. In short, they download an entire Blu-ray rip of Lost together instead of singing hymns.

"We believe that information is holy," said Isak Gerson, one of the group's supposedly spiritual leaders. "We do not think that copying is stealing or can ever be stealing."

Just remember to always seed your torrents. You go to Hell if you don't seed your torrents. [Missionary Church of Kopimism via Reuters]