Symantec Backpedals -- 5 Million Downloaded Android Apps Not Malware, Simply Crapware

By Sam Gibbs on at

Symantec’s Android scaremongering last week wasn’t all that justified it seems. Although the 13 apps that it pinpointed as malware aren’t all that great, it appears they’re actually slightly less vicious adware – something Windows users are horribly familiar with.

Symantec’s adjusted its warning showing that the apps all use an advertising SDK that’s capable of changing your home page, as well as adding bookmarks and shortcuts on the home screen – the kind of thing you get when you fail to check the “no, I don't want your rubbish” boxes when you install crapware on your Windows box.

So, it’s not exactly five million malware infected phones, but some annoying crapware that you should avoid anyway – just not in the “oh my god it’s a virus” manner, more in the “ugh, really?” frame of mind. [Symantec via Android Central]

Thanks Darrell!