TalkTalk to Sell Phones and Contracts With its Discount SIMs

By Gary Cutlack on at

TalkTalk is about to become a proper mobile phone retailer, with a range of phones and the usual subsidised contracts set to appear alongside its discount SIMs later this year.

TalkTalk says it has over 50,000 users currently signed up to its SIM-only bundles. The plan is to start selling unlocked phones in addition to its SIMs this spring, with the full move into providing contracts set to happen later in the year.

"One year in, we’ve made a good start with a SIM-only offer and we now have the opportunity to offer a range of contracts and handsets at price points that will appeal to TalkTalk customers" said TalkTalk's commercial director Tristia Clarke.

The broadband part of the company recently limped into the headlines when it was revealed as the UK's most complained about ISP. Although TalkTalk's mobile division is basically reselling Vodafone's network, so what can go wrong? [Mobile]