TalkTalk's "Safest" Broadband Claims Were Misleading

By Gary Cutlack on at

An advert for TalkTalk's broadband, which featured imagery of a doll's house while claiming its broadband was the UK's "safest" and therefore clearly inferred your children would inevitably be MURDERED at a distant rural railway station if you risked using any other ISP, has been judged as misleading by the UK's ad watchdog.

It was fierce ISP rival BT and two members of the public that complained about TalkTalk's safety boasts, which the ISP was basing around the fact it provides its own network-level blocking software that provides users with the option to filter out certain sites.

The Advertising Standards Authority agreed this was potentially misleading, finding that TalkTalk's ISP-level HomeSafe porn filter didn't actually constitute a "safer" form of broadband, as the public would expect some form of virus protection on all web-connected devices to create a safer experience, rather than the simple site-blocking tool and virus alerts TalkTalk actually offers.

The ASA ruled that the ISP shouldn't show it again in its current form and ought to be more careful with claims and comparisons in future. Or else. [ASA]