Tesco Streaker Turns Himself In For £80 Fine

By Sam Gibbs on at

The rozzers have slapped the wrists of a prankster extraordinaire that streaked through a Tesco store in Olds Field, Sutton, twice in two weeks. The 19-year-old trotted through the store with nothing but a scarf around his head and a pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, the light-foot hadn’t counted on CCTV footage tracking the car he’d hopped into after the stunt, and eventually gave himself up for an £80 fine.

“We take a dim view of such pranks. They are a criminal offence, can cause considerable distress to witnesses and use up valuable police time,” said Det. Con. Adam Biswell of Sutton CID.

Of course what he didn’t tell you is that he was pissing himself in the break room after watching the footage, but then the police have to do the right thing; it's in the public interest, of course. Although his friends filmed the whole thing on their phones, I couldn’t find the damning video. But a quick YouTube search shows that streaking in Tesco seems to be a national pastime. Ah Brits, you've got to love our white pasty selves. [Your Local Guardian]

Image credit: Police from Shutterstock

Warning: Naked arses on show.