The Amazing Special Effects of Boardwalk Empire Are What Make the Show Beautiful

By Casey Chan on at

I watched Boardwalk Empire but it's not a great show. It's only fake-great. It wears the clothes, has the style and carries the swagger of a good show but it doesn't hold a candle to the old HBO greats. But you know what is great about Boardwalk Empire? The special effects. I had no idea. Watch the magic.

Oh the magic of the movies (or TV, in this case)! I always wondered how the show managed to recreate the prohibition era style so well. Of course I knew there were special effects but I didn't know how much was in the show. It's everywhere. Like Game of Thrones, pretty much everything in the show that you thought was real was actually doused over in special effects. The team behind these effects, Brainstorm Digital, are boss at what they do. They're so good that it could fool a person into thinking Boardwalk Empire is actually a good show. [Vimeo via LikeCool]