The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun! With a Guitar Solo You've Never Heard Before

By Mario Aguilar on at

"Here Comes the Sun" is probably my favorite song George Harrison wrote for the Beatles, probably because it reminds me vividly of the day he died. This new guitar solo is finally bringing the song back to life for me.

I can't believe George Martin and Harrison's son, Dhani, manage to keep from exploding into exultation upon discovering this little gem of guitar work in the master tracks of "Here Comes the Sun." The solo is buried in a muted channel on the masters and is completely different from anything that made it onto the final version, or onto any live recording I've ever heard. I'd describe it, but you should just give it a listen in the video above.

If there's anything unfortunate about the music recorded by departed musicians, it's that sometimes their most beautiful songs get tarnished by death. Especially when it comes to a sentimental song like "Here Comes the Sun." George Harrison died almost exactly 10 years ago. I remember that day vividly because a bunch of my high school classmates played the song together upon hearing the news, and that moment was etched forever in my brain. THAT would be what I remembered forever. That memory was freed today when I heard this guitar solo. "Here Comes the Sun" was always a perfect song, but is somehow a little more perfect. Maybe because it still changes more than 40 years after it was recorded. [Open Culture via Brainpicker]