The Best Looking 3D Glasses Are From a Company You've Never Heard Of

By Roberto Baldwin on at

If you're lucky enough to get a pair of 3D glasses with your fancy new 3D TV, chances are good that they're hideous. So this year, I decided to scour CES for 3D specs that weren't embarrassingly awful. And I found them, in a place I never would have expected.

I had one question for every vendor while testing their 3D glasses. Are these the pair that come with the TV? If they said yes, I put them on my gigantic head and judged them harshly. It was equally depressing from both a fashion and technological viewpoint. Until I found Hisense.

Who the hell is Hisense? Where did they come from? And why the hell do they have the best passive 3D glasses on the show floor? These are the kind of glasses that when you turn to your wife while watching a romantic movie, you aren't appalled by her headwear. I would actually wear these outside.

Now, is there any way I can score these by themselves? Because the TVs were pretty meh. [Hisense]