The Dick Tracy Communicator's Stylish Italian Cousin

By Andrew Tarantola on at

We may still not have flying cars or jet packs but my first "living in the future" milestone — wrist-borne communications — has just been made real. An Italian watch-maker firm unveiled the "i'm Watch" today and it is awesome.

Though it does offer many of the same functions, the i'm Watch from Buongiorno-DadaEnt is more than just a fancy iPod nano-on-a-strap. It boasts a 1.55-inch multi-touch TFT display (240x240 pixels), 4GB of storage and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the watch to be tethered to a smartphone and used to pick up incoming calls while an included speaker lets you talk just like the yellow-coated detective. It's compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone tethering, though the watch itself runs on the Android OS.

Users will also be able to tap into over a million radio stations with the i'music app and listen through the included 3.5mm audio jack. A number of apps, including Facebook and Twitter, will also be available in the i'market (starting to see the naming scheme?).

The i'm Watch will be available in three varieties; the introductory i'm Color that range from around £200, the i'm Tech that run from £400; and the high-end i'm Jewel series that starts at around £720 but tops out at a whopping £13,000+ for a white gold and diamond encrusted edition. The first sets will hit market in February. [i'm Watch via Chip Chick]