The Dumbest Product of the Year Is Already Out

By Jesus Diaz on at

Not even a week into 2012 and we already got our eyes on the dumbest contraption of the year: the StarScreen Social Backdrop, a piece of printed plastic that attaches to your chair to show a background when you videochat.

Check out the description:

"Our delightful StarScreen Social Backdrops make video chatting and conferencing fun. It gives your chat buddy the illusion you're in a fresh and exotic environment.

Convert your messy room in an instant.

Show off new backdrop designs to all of your social network friends."

Yes, my social network friends, you can turn your "messy room" into a beach, Mount Rushmore, Venice, Yosemite, Bora Bora, a night club... even another clean office.

Seriously, who buys this crap? Never mind the fact that most videoconferencing software supports automatic background change—this plastic piece of solidified imbecility costs £20! Twenty quid! Just insane. Though now that all the high-street travel stores have shut down, I suppose if you ever find yourself in a problem a la Tim and Daisy in the first episode of Spaced, you could fool unsuspecting landlords into thinking you're a professional couple...I've lost you, haven't I? [SkyMall]