The Humble SD Card Just Got a Whole Lot More Wireless

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve had the proprietary Eye-Fi Wi-Fi enabled SD card for a while now, but the SD Association is finally getting its arse in gear and is setting up a proper standard dubbed "Wireless LAN SD". We might actually see a bit more innovation and cheaper cards on the market now.

Any member of the SD association, of which there are over 1,000 companies, will now be able to make Wi-Fi packing SD or microSD cards, and give Eye-Fi a run for its money. First out of the gate using the fledgling standard will be Toshiba’s FlashAir SD card rated as Class 6 for speed and with 8GB storage. It’ll be compatible with all current Wi-Fi flavours, 802.11ac not withstanding, and should be available in the next couple of months.

Three types of card will be available eventually: “W” cards will support uploading to the cloud or via peer-to-peer connections to mobile devices; “D” cards will provide home network device control and server uploading, and “WD” dual mode cards will support both methods of photo offloading.

Now that we’ve got a standard to rally around, I’m hoping more devices and SD cards will support wireless communications. I’ve always been a fan of the Eye-Fi cards, but they’ve been pricey and haven’t been able to do everything I want them to in my pursuit of a cable-free existence. Wireless is the way my friends. Now, about that wireless power. [SD Association (PDF) via PC Mag]