The Most (and Least) Amazing Things We Saw at CES Day One

By Mat Honan on at

Day one is winding down at CES, and we're already starting to see some trends emerge. Like, everyone seems to have the flu. And, wow, those are some big-arse TVs. But we've been picking up on a few themes that seem to be emerging after this first official day of CES. Here are the highlights, lowlights, and ultralights that made the biggest impression:


The Revenge of Television

Tablets? What tablets? Televisions, televisions everywhere! Big televisions. Bigger televisions. Transparent televisions. (What?) Talkable Televisions. (Double what?) OLED televisions. Ultradefinition televisions. Display manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea are losing money faster than LSU fans at the sports book. Nobody in Europe is buying. But TVs are everywhere at CES.
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Yeah. There are a skunk-ton of Ultrabooks. Some are really great. Some are incredibly innovative. Most are incredibly boring. I almost fell asleep while I was writing this paragraph. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Hello, China

The Most (and Least) Amazing Things We Saw at CES Today

Chinese companies have some really big presences here. Massive booths, loaded with gleaming electronics. And these aren't just manufacturers. You're starting to see more and more Chinese companies designing products to be sold direct to the consumer. Like Haier, which bills itself as the #1 brand in the world. A lot of the coolest things we've seen here have notes that say "coming to China only." But don't worry. It'll be all over the USA soon enough.


Here Comes Windows 8

It's out there! Lurking! Waiting! And it's going to be pretty fantastic. Microsoft may be abandoning CES but nobody is abandoning Microsoft.
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Budget Devices

Cheap tablets. Less-expensive scales. The global economy has been hit by a poopship destroyer (howdy, mang) which means we're seeing a lot of devices whose chief innovation seems to be: it's cheap.
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