The Nation's Most Annoying Advert Will Drive You Potty

By Sam Gibbs on at

Not all adverts are created equally – some are genuinely awesome and some just drive you insane. An infuriating example of the latter is the advert, which is apparently the nation's most annoying ad from last year, and I can well believe it.

The ad beat out the equally excruciating singing cartoon freaks of, and even beat out old-Babs, who sold her soul to for its horrendously crap televisual brainwashing attempts.

The previous “winner” was the fat man from Go Compare, but honestly, that’s just tame compared to the bloody 40-second audio-visual assault from the car-buying company. Please, remove that tune from my head immediately and scour this menace from my goggle box – for the love of all things decent, I implore you. [The Metro]

Warning: The video above will drive you nuts. Don't click play if you value your sanity.