The TowPlow Goes Double-Wide on Snowy Streets

By Andrew Tarantola on at

No, this snow truck is not jack-knifing, the trailer is supposed to do that. It's the TowPlow and it clears snow-bound lanes in a flash.

The TowPlow is a steerable trailer-mounted plow pulled behind a 350HP tandem axle snow truck. It can swing out to one side and is equipped with a 8m moldboard, which allows a single snow truck to clear up to two lanes at a time. The trailer is also outfitted with a spreader that distributes sand, road salt, or liquid de-icer in its wake. This allows the truck to clear a divided highway is two to three passes rather than four or five that conventional plows require. According the company, this reduces fuel consumption by nearly 30 per cent, doubles the effectiveness of a single truck, and speeds road clearings to reduce traffic tie-ups after storms.

The TowPlow was first empkoyed in Missouri in the US in 2005 and has since been adopted by numerous other American states as well as in Canada. The plow doesn't come cheap, however — each trailer costs a cool £65,000. [AASHTO - TowPlow - AutoBlog - Ohio DoT (pdf)]

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