These Awesome Videos of the PS Vita Running Hacked PS3 Games Via Remote Play Actually Makes Me Want One

By Sam Gibbs on at

Some enterprising users have managed to hack together Remote Play support for a load of full PS3 games to play them via the PS Vita. They’ve managed to get some triple AAA titles like Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham Asylum working without a hitch too. I want one. Now.

Apparently it’s not a complicated hack either, just a single variable change to enable the system-level function. The videos show a PS3 running the jailbreakable OS 3.55, but we’re already on version 4.0, which added proper support for the Vita.

Sony said it's going to enable Remote Play on all PS3 games running at the PSP’s resolution of 480x272 at some time in the future, with some games getting a boost to 480p. Remote Play doesn’t actually demand a lot of overhead either; it just uses a small amount of processing time from one of the PS3’s SPUs.

We haven’t got long till the Vita lands on our shores, and while I wasn’t exactly stoked by the idea of another hardcore handheld gaming console – phones do well enough these days – playing my PS3 games remotely sounds and looks kickarse. Let’s hope Sony gets its act in gear and pushes out those updates to enable Remote Play for PS3 games pronto. Roll on the 22nd of February for the Vita's UK launch. [Eurogamer]