This Chinese Mutant Boy Can See In the Dark

By Sam Gibbs on at

Colour me sceptical, but reports are coming out of China that a boy called Nong Youhui who has “bright blue eyes just like westerners”, can apparently see in the dark like a cat. He proved his prowess by taking a series of tests in near darkness, which had onlookers and reporters alike convinced. His eyes apparently reflect light like a cat’s do.

I can’t see any eyeshine in the video myself, so we’ll have to take the Chinese journalists at their word. But if it’s true, Nong Youhui could be the first sign of genuine human evolution in centuries. A real life mutant; the beginning of a new race of humans, X-Men in fact. Amazing!

Mind you, just being able to see in the dark is a bit crap. We’ve got torches and night vision for that kind of thing. Where’s the Cyclops laser vision, or the ability to move things with just your mind eh?

It could be a load of old baloney for sure, but I’m choosing to believe. Now, how about evolving wings or Superman-style flight? I’ve always fancied flying to work rather than taking the tube. [YouTube via Filmdrunk]