This Is a Billion Euro House. Literally.

By Adrian Covert on at

What do you do when you're an unemployed artist watching your country dive into financial ruin on the back of the euro? You craft a grandiose social statement about the whole thing of course. In the case of Irish artist Frank Buckley, that means building an entire domicile out of 1.4 billion euros worth of decommisioned bills.

Reuters says that Buckley received a 100% loan for 365,000 euros in the 2000s, despite lacking a steady job. Loans like this were a key reason why Ireland fell into a credit crisis, and continues to struggle financially. When Buckley separated from his wife, he was forced to move out, so he did what probably no other person would do: began constructing his euro bill apartment in an abandoned office building.

Living in his "billion euro home" since the start of December, Buckley is working on adding a kitchen to the living room and hall.

The walls and floor are covered in euro shreddings and the house is so warm Buckley sleeps without a blanket.

And while I doubt Buckley's piece will start a new trend in green housing, you have to appreciate his pearls of wisdom on the merits of the euro.

"Whatever you say about the euro, it's a great insulator." [Reuters]