This Lamp Is Made From a Single Sheet of Steel Which You Bend Yourself

By Jamie Condliffe on at

There's nothing like a bit of DIY to make you feel like a strong, independent person. That goes double if it involves bending sheet steel with your bare hands, and that's just what you have to do with this lamp.

It's called Flaca, and it was designed by three young industrial designers at the Mexico-based Masiosare Studio. Undoubtedly the best thing about it is that it's created from a single sheet of stainless steel, which you have to bend into shape at home.

It doesn't require any tools, just a bit of effort and some adhesive tape. It uses LEDs and draws just 6 watts, so it's green, too. You can order it via the Masiosare Studio web site. [Masiosare Studio via 2modern]