This Scary New Footage of the Japan Tsunami Makes Me Glad to Live in the Safety of Britain

By Sam Gibbs on at

I may not speak Japanese, but “oh crap” is pretty much universal no matter what language you shout it in. As the water breaks over the sea wall you can see cars get taken out by the water, their poor drivers trapped, in this just released footage of the horrendous disaster.

It’s incredible to see the sea relentlessly flowing up and up, pouring over the barriers. I really hope nothing like this happens again to Japan, or ever happens to Britain. I can say for sure, we as a nation wouldn’t be anywhere near as prepared for this kind of devastation as Japan was. Nature truly is a powerful beast compared to us puny humans.

Jump to 5 mins in to see the wave raise up and conquer the bay. [LiveLeak via Buzz Feed]