This Theft-Proof Credit Card Could Be the Future of Payment

By Sam Gibbs on at

Despite the rise in NFC payment technologies, the humble magnetic and chip-and-pin credit card is still king, and that doesn’t look to be changing soon. But the credit card is evolving and it’s gaining a screen and battery.

The “Hidden” credit card from Dynamics Inc, is currently being shown off at CES, and is being tested by Citibank as a replacement for the traditional credit card right now.

It’s hailed as theft-proof because the actual credit card number changes every time you use it. That combined with the fact that the magnetic strip doesn’t store the number when the card is off, means it can’t be cloned with current methods. The credit card number isn’t visible until you enter a PIN code on the card itself either, as it uses a small LCD to display a six-digit section of the card number.

The card also generates a new security code (those three numbers on the back of the card) for each use, which should make it more secure for online transactions as well. Of course, where there’s a will there’s a way, so I doubt it’ll be long before thieves catch up with the technology, but it should stop any-old Tom, Dick or Harry pinching your card number and buying a ton of dodgy-sounding sex toys on your account.

Physically the card is the same size as any other credit or debit card and the battery will last you three years, which is miles longer than my credit cards last at any rate.

It sounds great on the face of it, but it may make subscribing for things a little bit harder; if the number changes every time you use it, you can’t just bung it in for a re-occurring subscription like Netflix. Kinks to be worked out, for sure, but considering I’ve had my card cloned three times in a year -- I’m all for something that’ll stop the bastards being able to steal my credit card details again. [Daily Mail]