Too-Good-to-Be-True Halo 4 Beta Invites Are Fake

By Sam Gibbs on at

Seems like someone’s preying on the eager beavers hankering for a bit of early Halo 4 action. Early access beta invites have been floating around, but it seems that they’re not exactly kosher.

Microsoft’s David Ellis of 343 Industries has taken to Twitter to warn people about the phishing scam, which should be pretty obvious as the developers have made no mention of a beta release:

"If you see a page claiming to allow you to sign up for a Halo 4 beta be advised, IT'S A FAKE"

In fact all we know is that Halo 4 is coming sometime this year and that there's a trailer.

So watch out Halo fanatics; someone miscreants seem to be gunning for you, preying on your game-fuelled cravings for early access. [Twitter via CVG]