Turn Up the Vase With This Absurd Decorative Speaker

By Mario Aguilar on at

I admit I never thought of putting a speaker inside a vase. It's perfect! Sort of? Unless you're actually trying to put real flowers. No water allowed.

This pair of plastic vases in "Classical Chinese Red" each have a 4" full-range speaker. You can play music via a USB flash drive or by connecting your phone via 3.5mm input. Achtung! The electronics aren't insulated from the interior of the vase at all, so don't go pouring water in there or you'll fry your ornamental investment. The speakers are part of the new "Arts and Crafts Audio System Series from Chinese manufacturer Sound of Heaven. If you want a pair for your living room, kitchen table—whatever—get ready to make a big wholesale buy—SOH is still looking for its first client.

Turn Up The Vase With This Absurd Decorative Speaker