Ultrasound Contraceptive Renders Rats Infertile

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers have been heaping more misery on lab rats, this time finding a way to interfere with their sexy parts. By firing ultrasonic waves at them, scientists managed to make the poor things virtually infertile.

The key thing here is what works on rats may eventually work on humans in some way, meaning the government could equip a van with ultrasonic beacons and drive it around less desirable areas of town, effectively neutering entire chunks of the male population.

At least, that's one idea.

The rats in this early test had their nether regions blasted by a 3MHz ultrasound beam for two 15 minute sessions, which drastically lowered their sperm counts. If a man's count was lowered by the same proportion, there'd be no baby action. Further tests will work out how long the effect lasts for. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Lab rats from Shutterstock