Ultrawidescreen, 3D and Google TV From Vizio: They're On a Roll

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Whether we ever see Vizio hit this side of the pond or not, they're tearing up CES with their new PCs and a 10-inch tablet. But they've also announced some new TVs which look pretty sweet, too.

The new 65-inch versions of both Vizio's M- and R- lines feature VIA Plus — the company's customised spin on Google TV. And after some delays earlier this year, it's also offering up three 21:9 "CinemaWide" ultrawidescreen WFHD (2560x1080) models, like that pictured above. They come in in sizes of 50-, 58- and 71-inches with 3D and Yahoo! Widgets, bringing the heat to Philips for the 21:9 aspect ratio crown.

Vizio's current E3D series will also be joined by the M3D series in a 47- and 55-inch model, the latter of which includes a Bluetooth QWERTY remote. There's also going to be an R3D series, which comes with better backlighting.

Prices and ship dates for all the new TVs are still under wraps, but we should be taking a look at these in the flesh real soon. [Vizio]