Unplug Your Charged Gadgets and Save Britain £134m a Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to a rather self-publicising survey conducted by E.ON, Brits waste around £60 a year of electricity per household by just leaving gadgets plugged after they've finished charging -- about £134m a year for the whole country. That's not even taking into account the damage constantly charging something does to the battery.

We wouldn't normally publish this kind of publicity-grabbing survey from a provider, but it does talk a bit of sense. I'm as guilty of it as anyone of leaving my phone plugged in overnight even though it only takes a couple of hours to charge, not to mention leaving everything on standby. £60 might not seem like much, but considering we're all a bit strapped for cash these days, perhaps it's worth changing your charging habits. Get yourself an AC timer switch or better yet, cart your gadgets into work with you in the mornings and charge them there -- free electricity, after all. For you, anyway. [The Metro]

Image credit: Unplugged from Shutterstock