Unstoppable Gorg for iPad: Protect Earth from Terrifying Alien Monsters

By Bulent Yusuf on at

People of Earth. You are DOOOOOOOOOMED. How's that for a cheery sentiment on a Tuesday afternoon? No seriously, you're doomed. There's no hope, not unless you boot up Unstoppable Gorg on your iPad and fight the good fight against an army of bug-eyed aliens. Actually, that sounds like it might be quite fun.

How does it play?

Armchair generals must resist the onslaught of the Gorg by defending a range of key positions scattered all over the solar system. Basically, hold out for as long as you can and minimise your losses until backup arrives, and maybe even take the fight back to the Gorg.

Each base, in each stage, is surrounded by several rings of concentric circles. On fixed points you can place a satellite on these circles, and you can choose the type of satellite (support, attack, etc) you want to place. You can't place satellites willy nilly, however. You have to raise the funds and the research tokens in order to purchase and upgrade them.

When it comes to combat itself, the Gorg have predetermined paths they will take to breach your defences and attack the central hub of your base. Once you've placed a satellite in a slot, you can rotate the ring to bring it round within firing range. Be careful, however, that you don't inadvertently bring other satellites on the same ring into danger.

Why do we like it?

Unstoppable Gorg is compelling stuff. We're a sucker for strategy games, and this one is perfectly balanced between a steady learning curve and random situations with a couple of surprises. Also, for a mere two hundred and ninety-nine pennies, the production values are excellent.

The development team have taken the low-budget ethos of 1950s sci-fi movies and run with it, hiring jobbing actors to rummage around in their dress-up box and do some mugging for the camera. A few post-production effects in Final Cut, mixed in with b-movie footage that's already in the public domain, and you have a perfectly serviceable newsreel that works as a cut-scene.

We're not sure if they're lampooning the era in question, or if it's a loving tribute. Perhaps it's both. Either way, it's the perfect way to package the core concept, where managing the precise orbit of your satellites is whole new "spin" on the tower defence genre. To say that Unstoppable Gorg is revolutionary is not an idle boast but a statement of fact.


Unstoppable Gorg is available now on the App Store (£2.99)