USS Enterprise Coffee Table Is Furniture's Final Frontier

By Gizmodo on at

When I was a in middle school, I built the bridge of the Enterprise in my parents' basement out of old computer parts. It wasn't this cool, but I was pretty proud of my level of Trek fandom. Now, Inhabitat found something that tops that level of Trekkie swag: a coffee table modelled after the USS Enterprise.

Barry Shields' hand-crafted coffee table is made from ash, poplar, and cherry and took over a month to build. The 1/4-inch-thick glass sheet is strong enough to put your feet up on, which, for me, is the only real requirement for a coffee table. Shields chose to model the table after the Enterprise-C from the TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" as opposed to Picard's Enterprise-D or Kirk's ship from the original series because he preferred the streamlined look of an Ambassador Class Starship and the higher Warp Engines helped carry the weight of the glass tabletop. He also told me that he's dying for someone to commission him to make a dining room table in the shape of the Enterprise-D. Anyway, it's a beautiful creation, despite the fact that the hefty £2,000 price tag hasn't attracted a buyer yet. [Etsy via Inhabitat Blog]