Vimeo Embraces Mobile With Android and Windows Phone Apps

By Pete Bennett on at

Pop-up ad haters of the world rejoice! Vimeo has finally peeked over the garden wall of iOS and cast its seed far and wide, simultaneously rolling out apps for both Android and Windows Phone.

Vimeo is gunning for the mobile space in a big way, aiming to bring the platform’s social experience to as many mobile devices as possible. Not content with just letting users watch video on the move; the new apps allow users to like, comment and queue videos to watch later with built-in support for a plethora of sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email, and SMS).

Most importantly though, the new apps place emphasis on harnessing the ubiquitous smartphone camera to help users create and edit content on the move. The shift in focus from consumption to creation might just help Vimeo gain some new users, keen to create content on the fly.

Vimeo has cleverly tailored each app to their respective platforms strengths, designing bespoke user interfaces for Android devices running Gingerbread or higher and Windows Phone devices running Mango or above.

The Vimeo app is free to download from the Android Market and Windows Phone Marketplace today. [Android Market and Windows Phone Marketplace TBD]