Virgin Doubles Your Broadband Speed For Nothing

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's not the first time Virgin has bumped up its broadband speed for existing customers, but over the next 18 months everyone but the top-tier 100Mbps subscribers will get double their maximum speed.

While customers already on 100Mbps get stiffed with just a modest 20Mbps increase, everyone else will be doubled up at no extra cost -- 10 to 20Mbps; 30 to 60Mbps, and 50 to a whopping 100Mbps. Of course those are "up to" speeds, but of all the networks, Virgin certainly gets closest to its promised speeds. Free speed increases without contract extension? Virgin must be feeling the heat from BT Infinity and other fibre services, desperate to keep its customers.

Kicking off next month, the upgrades will take a year and a half to roll out. But free is free, and it's not often you get something for nothing, especially out of a network provider. Now BT -- fancy to following suit with your BT Infinity customers? I wouldn't mind a bump to 80Mbps, just saying. [TechRadar]

Image credit: Speedo from Shutterstock