Watch the Entire Formula 1 2012 Season Without Sky (Kind Of) On Virgin

By Sam Gibbs on at

Want to watch every race of the 2012 F1 season live, but hate the thought of bolting a satellite dish to the side of your house, or Rupert Murdoch? You’ve got another option thanks to Virgin.

Virgin Media’s struck a deal with Sky to broadcast its Sky Sports F1 channel from March, allowing you to watch every free practice, qualifying, and race live and uninterrupted. The catch is that you have to have the rest of the Sky Sports channels to get the F1 channel too. But Sky’s apparently working on getting the interactive elements of it's brand new channel working through Virgin, so at least it’ll be the unadulterated experience.

I was pretty pissed when Sky tied-up the entire F1 season's TV rights leaving the BBC with only half the races live for the 2012 season -- I still am if I'm honest. But while this isn’t exactly free-to-air (a £22.50 a month add-on with anything better than basic “M” TV, or £28 a month if you’re on Virgin’s lowest tier), it’s better than nothing if you’re a Virgin subscriber, I guess. [Virgin]