Welcome to CES! Here Are All the New Gadgets...

By Kat Hannaford on at

Did you know that a large chunk of the following year's gadgets get unveiled at CES, the trade show that takes over Las Vegas every single January? Some CES gadgets never go on sale (helloooo, Lady Gaga's Polaroid glasses!), and some completely take us by surprise (looking at you, Palm Pre).

Like my pal Joe Brown says over at Gizmodo US, a lot of tech journalists and bloggers bitch and moan about CES because it's a week of very long hours; sub-par announcements, and more walking than the average tech blogger does in a year. But I love it. Not least because it means getting to eat like a Yankee for one week of the year.

Speaking of eating, here's all the news that's been let out of the CES-bag so far. Bookmark this page, as we'll be adding links to all the news, features and videos every day.

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- Here’s What £65 Worth Of Tablet Looks Like: The First Pictures Of the OLPC XO 3.0
- OLPC XO 3.0 Hands On: The £65 Wonder Tablet
- Acer’s Next Iconia Tab Features a 1080P Display
- Acer Iconia Tab Hands On: One Tasty Ice Cream Sandwich
- Lenovo IdeaTab S2: This Transforming Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Is a Beauty
- It Wouldn’t Be CES Without Some a-Wee-Bit Better Tablets. O Hai Asus!
- Oh Good, Another Something-Point-Something Tablet From Samsung [Added 11pm Monday]
- Lenovo Yoga: This Windows 8 Ultrabook Moonlights as a Tablet [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- This 7-Inch Asus Tablet Has Tegra 3 Power for a Cheap Cheap Price [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Shown Off at CES But Does Anyone Care? [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- Hands-On Intel’s Latest, Bestest Stab at Mobile Processing [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- This Nvidia Tablet Is Why Windows 8 Will be Awesome [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Is There Any Way ViewSonic’s £100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Isn’t Terrible? [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Here’s How the Samsung Galaxy Note Works [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Streaming Office to Your iPad Is Terrifying and Wonderful [Added 2:00pm Wednesday]
- Hands-On the £100 ViewSonic Tablet I wanted to Love, But Couldn’t [Added 5:30pm Wednesday]
- The New Windows 8 First Touch: This Is Windows? [Added 11:40am Thursday]


Ultrabooks, Laptops and Desktops

- Lenovo Shows Thunderbolt Isn’t Just Apple’s Playground
- LG’s New MacBook Air Clone Is the Skinniest i7 Ultrabook—For Now
- Toshiba Is Bringing the World’s Thinnest Tablet and Ultrabook to CES
- Acer’s Aspire S5 Ultrabook Comes In As the Ultra-Thinnest
- I Just Controlled Windows 8 with My Eyes and It Made Me Believe in Technology Again
- Lenovo X1 Hybrid Laptop Hands On: Half Android, Half Windows, All Something
- Intel’s Ultrabook Army Enlists Some Hardcore Features, Including Touch Displays and Siri-Like Voice Powers
- The New Vizio PCs and Notebooks Are Worthy of Apple
- Lenovo’s A720 Might Be the Multitouch All-In-One PC We’ve All Dreamed Of [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- HP’s Ultrabook Is Made Out of Glass [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Dell XPS 13: A Carbon Fibre-Ass Makes This Ultrabook Light and Sturdy [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Samsung’s Chromebox Is Coming Mid-2012, But Who the Hell Is It Aimed at? [Added 2:00pm Wednesday]
- Best Ultrabook: Dell XPS 13 [Added 11:40am Thursday]


Televisions and Home Cinema

- Meet LG’s Ultra Definition (Yep!) 84-Inch Monster TV
- Toshiba’s Dishing Out a 55-inch with 4x the HD (And Zero Glasses!)
- LG’s Google TV Launching in the UK… But Not Until 2013
- Google TV Boldly Tells World It Will Survive
- Ubuntu TV Could Be In Your Living Room This Year
- LG’s New TV Fleet Trying Hard to Make 3D Not Suck (Eyes On)
- LG’s Eye-Poppin’ OLED TV Is Amazingly Thin (Eyes On)
- LG Throws Two Double-Brained Google TVs Into the World
- Sharp’s Portable HDTVs Don’t Make Any Sense [Added 8:20pm Monday]
- Samsung Sells Two TVs Every Second of Every Day [Added 11pm Monday]
- Some DVR Company Scared the Hell Out of a Kangaroo By Bringing It Onstage [Added 11pm Monday]
- Samsung’s Best New TVs Beat Apple to the Voice (And Face!) Recognition Game [Added 11pm Monday]
- Samsung’s Big Beautiful OLED TV of the Future Is Here [Added 11pm Monday]
- Sony’s New HDTVs Are Your Excuse to Watch Everything in 3D [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Sony’s Google TV Streamer Picks Up Where the Logitech Revue Left Off [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Sony Now Makes a Portable Blu-ray Player. Why? [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- PlayMemories: Sony’s Photo and Video Sharing Cloud Service Is Like PhotoStream with Videos [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Who Needs Pixels When You Have Six Million LEDs to Light Your Display? [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Panasonic’s New Plasma’s Are Built for the Everyman [Added 11:00am Tuesday]
- Eyes On Sony’s Latest Glasses-Free 3D TV: They’re Getting There! [Added 11:00am Tuesday]
- Eyes-On Sony's Insane Crystal LED Prototype Display [Added 11:00am Tuesday]
- Watch all Your 2D Shows in 3D. Could be Awesome. Or Nauseating. [Added 2:40pm Tuesday]
- Massive 84-Inch Ultradefinition TV Won’t Fit In My Anything [Added 6:20pm Tuesday]
- Here's How Siri Can Power an Apple HDTV [Added 6:30pm Tuesday]
- Ultrawidescreen, 3D and Google TV From Vizio: They’re On a Roll [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- Qualcomm Puts a Quad-Core Processor In a TV [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- I Talked to Samsung’s Voice-and-Face-Recognising Smart TVs and It Kind of Sucked [Added 9:30pm Tuesday]
- Sony’s 4K Home Projector Eyes-On: You Probably Can’t Tell the Difference Between This and a Theatre Projector [Added 10:30 Wednesday]
- Transparent TV: Insanely Cool, But Also Why Is This a Thing? [Added 11:30am Wednesday]
- Sharp’s 8k TV Is 16 Times More HD than the Most HD TV [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- The Best New Big TV: Samsung Super OLED [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- Haier’s Brain-Controlled TV Doesn’t Actually Control Anything [Added 11:40am Thursday]
The Best Looking 3D Glasses Are From a Company You’ve Never Heard Of [Added 1:20pm Friday]



- Will Nokia’s Lumia 900 Finally Be Revealed On Monday?
- Supposed Xperia Arc HD Pokes Camera Out From Behind the Curtain
LG’s Spectrum Smartphone Beats Retina Display (On a Larger Screen!)
- LG’s Spectrum Smartphone Beats Retina Display (On a Larger Screen!)
- LG Can Help You Ditch Your Work Phone Using a Virtual Android OS
- Use Your Phone to Find Your Stuff to Find Your Phone to Find … *Black Hole*
- Motorola’s New Droid 4 Is the Phone to Get for People Who Still Love Physical Keyboards [Added 8:20pm Monday]
- HTC Titan II: Your Favourite Gargantuan Windows Phone, But With a Titanic 16-Megapixel Camera [Added 8:20pm Monday]
- Sony Xperia Ion Is Sony’s First Non-Ericsson Phone [Added 8:20pm Monday]
- An Emergency Phone With a 15-Year Standby Time Is Definitely Going In My Car’s Boot [Added 8:20pm Monday]
- Motorola Razr Maxx: An Android Phone With a Battery That Might Actually Last You a Whole Day [Added 8:30pm Monday]
- Lumia 900: Nokia’s Top Windows Phone Grows a Few Dress Sizes [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Sony’s New Xperia Phones Hands On: They Go Right For the Eyes [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- Sony SmartWatch Lets You Monitor Your Xperia From Your Wrist [Added 3:40pm Tuesday]
- At Last You Can Use Your BlackBerry as a Wi-Fi Hotspot With BlackBerry OS 7.1 [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- Hands On Intel’s Last, Best Mobile Hope [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- Motorola Droid 4 and RAZR MAXX Hands On: Two Giant Leaps for Droidkind [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Motorola’s Releasing Intel-Powered Androids Later This Year [Added 10:30 Wednesday]
- Eyes on Fujitsu’s Waterproof, Quad-Core Superphone Prototype [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Give Your Phone a 23-inch Touchscreen With ViewSonic’s New Monitor [Added 3:30pm Wednesday]



- The Griffin Twenty Is the New Prettiest Way to Use AirPlay
- Harman Kardon’s New Home Theatre Gear Is BMW-Expensive
- Pure Joins AirPlay With its Pure Contour 200i Air
- Ferrari Revs Up Logic3 For Headphones and Speaker Docks
- Klipsch’s Portable AirPlay Speaker Looks Like It’s Ready To Blow Some Eardrums
- Altec Lansing’s Live 5000 Streams Audio From Virtually Any Wi-Fi Device
- Klipsch’s Portable AirPlay Speaker Looks Like It’s Ready To Blow Some Eardrums
- Monster Tries to Replace Dre With Lance Armstrong—Or Anything
- The World Will Lose Two Rhinos For Every Spinnaker Speaker Set Edifier Sells [Added 11pm Monday]
- Pure Sensia 200D Connect — Touchscreen Digital Radio [Added 2:40pm Tuesday]
- Parrot’s New Headphones Are Mighty Purty [Added 5:40pm Tuesday]
- Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones: When £700 Cans Sound Worth It [Added 7:15pm Tuesday]
- Bang & Olufsen Joins the AirPlay Party With the BeoLit 12 Wireless Speaker [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- Blue’s Hot iOS Studio Mic Will Make Your Sorry Skills Sound Good [Added 2:00pm Wednesday]
- Who Needs Headphones When You’ve Got Ludacris’s Party in a Box? [Added 2:40pm Wednesday]
Turn Your iPad Into a Music Studio With Griffin’s New MIDI Gear [Added 4:30pm Wednesday]
- The Best New Speakers [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- Turn Up the Vase With This Absurd Decorative Speaker [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- Sharkfin Promises Custom-Fitted Earbuds For Just £5 [Added 1:30pm Friday]



- Fuji’s Gorgeous X-Pro 1 Pictured in All Its Metal Glory
- The New Canon ELPH: Tiny and Cheap Just Got Fast
- The New Canon G1 X Is the Biggest, Fastest, Baddest PowerShot Yet
- Fujifilm's X-Pro1 Is a 16MP Mirrorless Beauty [Added 8:20pm Monday]
- Will Samsung’s Zoomy, Wi-Fi Cameras Beat Out Your Smartphone For Your Love? [Added 11pm Monday]
- One of the Coolest Cameras I’ll See at CES [Added 2:20am Tuesday]
- GoPro Straps a Tiny Wi-Fi Backpack to Its Camera so You Can Livestream Your Stupidity [Added 2:40pm Tuesday]
- Nip/Tuck Your Ugly Friend With the Olympus VR-340′s In-Camera Make-Up Kit [Added 2:40pm Tuesday]
- Canon G1 X Hands On: This Is Not Your Dad’s Point-and-Shoot [Added 9:30pm Tuesday]
- I Don’t Think I Want Polaroid’s Android Point And Shoot Camera Yet [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Fujifilm X-Pro-1 Hands-On: Intoxicatingly Simple [Added 11:30pm Wednesday]
- The Best New Camera [Added 1:20pm Friday]


Guts and Components

- So Is Gorilla Glass 2 Real or Not?



- Is the Razer Switchblade Finally Being Released as Project Fiona?
I Just Held the Future of PC Gaming in My Hands and It’s Called Project Fiona [Added 10:00am Wednesday]
Turning Your iPhone into a PSP Is Pretty Awesome [Added 10:00am Wednesday]
Origin’s Insane New Gaming Laptops Are as Fast as They Are Pretty [Added 10:00am Wednesday]
- Razer’s Latest Project is a Gaming PC Trapped in the Body of a Tablet [Added 11:30am Wednesday]



- Ar.Drone 2.0: The Best Flying Toy Just Got Better


Car Stuff

- Share the iPad Love On Road Trips With Philips’ In-Car Screen Kit
- Pioneer Gets All Up in Your Dash With its Android-Ready App Radio 2 [Added 8:30pm Monday]
- TomTom Integrates Twitter and Facebook For Even Greater at-the-Wheel Distraction [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]


Everything Else

- Victorinox’s 1TB Flash Drive Makes It Easy To Lose a Thousand Gigabytes 
LaCie’s 2big Thunderbolt RAIDs Quench Your Need For Transfer Speed 
- Thermador’s Freedom Stove Is the Biggest Ever Way to Cook with Magnets
- Saucy Splashproof Kitchen Tablet Serves Up Hot Recipe Action
- Inductive Charging Alarm Clock Gets Rid of the Dumbest Unitasker You Own
- Binge Drinking, Revolutionised: LG's Blast Chiller Cools Cans in Under 5 Minutes
- Make The Most of Your Mac’s Thunderbolt Connectivity With Belkin’s Long-Awaited Dock 
- Withings’ New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby’s Baby Fat">Withings’ New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby’s Baby Fat
- Binge Drinking, Revolutionised: LG’s Blast Chiller Cools Cans in Under 5 Minutes
- Garmin Approach: Won’t Make You a Better Golfer But Might Make You a Better Caddy
- 3M Doesn’t Just Make Scotch Tape: Check Out Their Windows Surface Rival
- MakerBot’s Replicator Prints Larger 3D Creations In Two Spectacular Colours [Added 11pm Monday]
- Fitbit’s New WiFi Scale Looks Awesomely Familiar [Added 11:00am Tuesday]
- Belkin’s WeMo: Home Automation For Dummies [Added 11:00am Tuesday]
- Plug a Kinect Into Your Windows PC From 1 February For £165 [Added 2:40pm Tuesday]
- Griffin Seeks the Inner Child in You With Crayola-Branded Accessories [Added 6:20pm Tuesday]
- Hands On With the Kyobo eReader and Its Mirasol Display [Added 9:20pm Tuesday]
- This Robot Air Purifier Seeks and Destroys Airborne Impurities [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- You Could Make a Whole iPad Orchestra With This Stuff  [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
Padintosh Case Sends Your iPad 2 Back to 1984 [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
The Most Inflatable Crapcessory I’ve Seen So Far [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- Hands On With MakerBot’s Bigger, Better, Two-Colour 3D Printer [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- How to Apply a Dust-Free Screen Protector if You Don’t Have a Clean Room [Added 1:00pm Wednesday]
- Hands On With £2000 Worth of Flash Drive [Added 2:00pm Wednesday]
- LG Finally Creates a Fridge To Accomodate My Unreasonable Demands [Added 11:30pm Wednesday]
- Casio’s Really Nailed Glasses-Free 3D Photos [Added 11:30pm Wednesday]
- I Can Walk and Watch HD Movies at the Same Time With Lumus’ See-Through Video Glasses [Added 11:30pm Wednesday]
- Ericsson Wants to Use Your Body as a USB Cable [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- Wireless Power Lets Harry Potter Bewitch Me From a Magazine Cover [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- The Greatest Toilet Seat I’ve Ever Seen [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- Panasonic’s Third Eye Camera Concept: Terrible Haircut Required! [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- CaseMate’s Phallic Snap Case Harnesses the Awesome Power Of Slap Wrap [Added 1:20pm Friday]


Features and Fun Stuff

- CES Nerds Can Get Married In an Apple Store-Lookalike Vegas Wedding Chapel
- My CES Bag – What I Need to Survive
- Please Keep Your Arse Out Of My Email
- Design a Las Vegas Hotel (or Anything Else Sin City-Related) For This Month’s 3D Printing Challenge
- What is MHL?
- Nice Android hat [Added 8:20pm Monday]
This BlackBerry Booth Makes Me Sad [Added 11:00am Tuesday]
- Intel Caught Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo [Added 5:40pm Tuesday]
- The Best of CES: Day 0 [Added 9:30pm Tuesday]
- Man on Man Gold-Rimmed Segway CES Monster Love [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
Behold the Future Of CES: The Booth Babe Mk II [Added 10:30am Wednesday]
- The Most (and Least) Amazing Things We Saw at CES Day One [Added 1:00pm Wednesday]
- Apple Has 250 Ninjas Spying on the Competition at CES [Added 11:30pm Wednesday]
- Fever Dream of a Guilt-Ridden Gadget Reporter [Added 11:30pm Wednesday]
- This Is Objectively the Saddest Booth at CES [Added 11:40am Thursday]
I Don’t Know What Suntel Electronic Does But Its CES Booth Is Blinding [Added 11:40am Thursday]
They Wouldn’t Let Me Sit on the Car-Sized iPod Dock So I Danced with Their Booth Babes [Added 11:40am Thursday]
The Future of TV Is Beautiful and Simple and Good [Added 11:40am Thursday]
- Watching Two Girls Listlessly Kick a Ball Is the Most Awkward Thing I’ve Seen at CES [Added 2:00pm Thursday]
- The Best Booth at CES [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- The Biggest Surprise of CES [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- This Guy Is Rethinking His CES Career Choice [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- Two Dudes in Suits Passed Out on Forklifts [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- How to Cover a Ginormous Show With a Million Gadgets in the Middle of the Desert and Not Die [Added 1:20pm Friday]
- Ericsson Just Zapped a Rockabilly Song Through My Body [Added 6:10pm Friday]