What Is Google Up to With Ford's First Electric Focus?

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Ford's electric Focus was first announced this time last year — and now it's slowly going in to production. But Google has its hands on some of the first vehicles to roll off the line. Just what are they doing with them?

There seem to be two options. One's very exciting. One's rather dull.

With any luck, this might be a tie-in with Google's research into driverless cars. Google has been working on that project for years, but a recent expose of Google's ultra-secret X-Lab suggested that the search giant was keen to put the cars into production. It could be that Google is attempting to do that in collaboration with Ford.

Of course, they could just be updating the fleet of cars they use to create Street View. Maybe their previous green solution — a Street View bicycle, kitted out with camera equipment — is just too slow? [Autoblog]